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Chatbot Indonesia – How to Find a Chatbot For Your Business

Currently, in Indonesia, there are several companies that have developed chatbots for customers. Some of them are PetaJakarta, Alfamart, and This article will discuss a few of the companies that have developed these bots. The following companies have successfully used chatbots to serve their customers. Let’s see how they operate and how they differ from each other. After reading this article, you’ll be able to find the right chatbot for your business.


A chatbot can help the public report floods in Jakarta in real time. Researchers in Australia created PetaJakarta in collaboration with the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency. Jakarta is notorious for floods, so the chatbot takes data from Tweets to create a crowdsourced map of flooding in the city. Using this information, the chatbot can help people respond quickly and effectively to these natural disasters. But how can this chatbot help you?

To help people in Jakarta, the chatbot uses Twitter’s programmatic reply feature. It checks for location metadata in a tweet, and if the user has a key word that indicates they live in Jakarta, the bot will send a programmatic message inviting them to the city. The user’s response will be automatically sent to their social network. This bot can then help people in Jakarta find the best places to stay, whether in the city or on the islands.


The development of TanyaGendis chatbot has been made possible thanks to a collaboration between Novo Nordisk and Conversational AI technology partner AiChat. The chatbot assists people with diabetes and other health conditions through various channels, such as WhatsApp. The service helps users find and schedule a diabetes screening test, adjust their lifestyle, and locate medical facilities. Moreover, the chatbot can answer frequently asked questions about diabetes.

One of the most useful features of this chatbot is its ability to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index). The chatbot can also assist people in tracking their blood sugar levels. The chatbot can be contacted via WhatsApp at 0812 8000 5858. Alternatively, users can contact TanyaGendis through email. The chatbot is available in Indonesian and English. The chatbot also provides information about diabetes treatment and management.


The introduction of a chatbot to support sales at a retail outlet has been greeted with great interest among consumers. Alfamart, a retail network in Indonesia, aims to be one of the largest in the world. They work to empower small entrepreneurs and meet the demands of their customers. Established in 1989, ALFAMART has its headquarter in Banten’s South Tangerang. A chatbot for WhatsApp is one way to make your shopping experience easy and convenient.

The first chatbots are computer programs that allow human users to talk to them as if they were real. By using chatbots in retail stores, companies can improve their customer service. BRI is one of the leading institutions in Indonesia, serving the widest range of consumers and empowering MSMEs. With this chatbot, customers can experience a seamless shopping experience across all channels. It’s also compatible with popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Line.


SimSimi is a chatbot in Indonesia that can answer any questions. The program can understand and respond to any question, whether it’s a simple question, or one that is more complex. If you’re an Indonesian, you’ll enjoy the ability to interact with SimSimi and not have to rely on human assistants. You can learn about SimSimi here:

The SimSimi chatbot is a bot made by PMint05. It’s free to download and uses artificial intelligence to learn from user input. Users can select their language, type their questions, and SimSimi will respond with fun messages. Whether you want to communicate in Indonesian, English, or any other language, SimSimi is available on Indonesia’s chat app stores. But before you download the bot to your phone, be sure to check out the terms of service.

Until recently, SimSimi was little more than a white piece of paper. It reflected the mindset of the smartphone-toting masses, and even insulted a former Prime Minister. While it is a far cry from the plethora of bots now available on the web, it did stir up controversy. Even though it was a minor issue in Indonesia, SimSimi has been gaining traction across the globe, garnering more interest than many more serious issues.