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How Colorado Water Treatment Works

Water Treatment Colorado

The use of water treatment Colorado technology is prevalent in Colorado. Every time we turn on a tap, we are confronted with some degree of impurities. We have to drink purified water or shower daily in chlorinated pools. There is no doubt that the water coming from these sources provides great sustenance to the body, but scientists are not so sure about the long term effects.

Many contaminants have been shown to possess cancer causing effects. The only real way to prevent cancer is to avoid drinking polluted water in the first place. Water treatment technology is used by most municipalities to protect the public from such risk. In Denver, for example, the treatment of city water is required to meet certain standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA sets the standard for water treatment using reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation. Though this technology has existed for over one hundred years, it has only recently been improved upon to the point where it can provide safe purified water for the masses. In addition to chlorine and chlorination there are a number of other processes which are necessary to provide the purified water. Since this is the case, no one can say that water treatment in Colorado is perfect.

One way to reduce the amount of pollutants in the water is to use a carbon block filter. It will remove 99% of the tiny particles and chemical contaminants from your water. If you want to be even more selective than you can use a multi-media block system. This will allow you to further reduce the number of chemical contaminants by removing larger particles. If you need a high level of water treatment then you will be happy to know that you can install a point of use purifier.

These filters are installed right at your house, so all you will need to do is hook it up to your faucet. Purified water will then flow through a porous membrane into your home. You should be able to see an immediate improvement in the quality of the water coming through your faucet. If you do not live in an area where this type of filtration is possible then you can get a water ionizer to eliminate lead from your drinking water.

Lead is known to cause severe brain damage in children. If you suspect that you are suffering from lead poisoning then you should speak with your doctor before you make any changes to your health. There are also filters available for use in the hot tub. This will improve the overall taste of your swimming pool water.