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Save The Rhino International

Save the Rhinos is an international non-profit organization, a British-based non-profit organization, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Save the Rhinos has been in operation since 1992 and is one of the most popular animal protection charities in the world today.

The mission of Save the Rhinos is to conserve the critically endangered black rhinoceros. The black rhinoceros is Africa’s largest land mammal. Their numbers have fallen precipitously, primarily due to poaching and the bushmeat trade. Their natural habitat is also being destroyed by farmers and urban development.

Save The Rhino International, an organization based in London, is the continent’s largest single-species wildlife conservation organization, in terms of fundraising and grants given, and in terms of recognition and place within the organization itself. They started fundraising in 1992 and received their first annual grant from the United Nations in 1996. Currently, they receive around $6 million in total annual fundraising.

Save The Rhinos has become a leader in the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Their fundraising campaigns are geared towards raising awareness of the rhinoceros problem, as well as providing a source of monetary support for their conservation programs. They have a variety of projects that they are funding through their fundraising efforts. Some of these projects include creating an internet-enabled “Rhino Tracker” to help poachers track down and eventually shoot down, capture, or relocate any animals in danger, and improving the habitat of the rhinos in order to make them more attractive to poachers.

Other projects are focused on helping the local communities in which the rhinos live get ready to care for the rhinos themselves. One project is working with a community in Namibia that has lost two families to poaching and has begun teaching people about what it means to be an effective wildlife conservationist and how they can contribute by helping to the rhinos themselves.

It is not just the efforts of Save The Rhino International that has made them a leader in this field, though. Many of their key members have been involved in many other international campaigns over the years that have helped to increase awareness of the rhinoceros problem and help raise funds for their own programs. Some of these members include: Jason Ballou, Michael Gudynsky, David Sheppard, and Peter Knights, among others.

A few members of the staff who work at Save The Rhinos have actually been directly involved in the conservation of the rhinos themselves, and have seen first-hand how these animals are harmed by people who take advantage of their presence. They work to raise public awareness of the poaching crisis, as well as providing resources to help educate people about the animals. They also encourage donations and fundraisers in order to help defray some of the costs that the rhinos cost the society itself. – such as medical treatments and vaccinations.

All members of the staff at Save The Rhinos are dedicated to helping the rhinos survive in their natural habitat. They want to keep this incredible animal as a part of our planet’s ecosystem.