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Tips For Designing a Functional Patio

Patio furniture can make your outdoor living area even more enjoyable. Examples of Patio Furniture are so many, you can never have too many. These are some examples of patio sets that are extremely popular.


A) A Patio ensemble that has an open courtyard. There is a veranda right at the edge of the courtyard. Recently, Examples on the Internet, and pictures on the Web, show people using this patio area for barbecue parties. They set up camp in this courtyard with their coolers, fire pits, and barbecue grill. Some also use it as an intimate place to talk and catch up.

B) A Rain Porch. A rain porch is a type of patio that extends from the house or building directly onto the roof of the house. Patios with roofs that have side dormers can also be fitted with a rain porch. The concept is that rain water that fell off the roof can collect on the porch before running off into the garden where it can be collected and recycled by the plants. This type of outdoor appliance collects no rain water and is therefore ideal for places with low-lying areas.

C) Patio Umbrellas. One thing about patios is that they have wonderful umbrellas. It is an excellent choice to get an umbrella that goes along well with the kind of design of your home. Outdoor umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them are made of aluminum, which is light but durable enough to stand up against almost any weather condition.

D) Patio Gables. There are several different styles of patio gables. The most common is a straight gable roof style. It is usually made of wood and topped with vinyl. In some cases stone is used, but not as often.

E) Flooring. The most important part of any patio is the floor. Patios with paved outdoor areas should have durable, waterproof, slip-resistant flooring that is not subject to rapid or extreme weather changes. Many patios nowadays use slip-resistant tiles that are pre-treated with a weather-resistant sealant.

F) Patio Furniture. Patios can either be used as a place for people to just sit and relax, or it can also be a place where people can dine. Usually found in apartments, patios provide a great place to host parties or just entertain friends and family. Patio furniture comes in many styles. Wooden chairs, tables, stools and even foot stools can be found to fit any kind of patio.

G) Patio Doorway and Entryway. Patios generally have two entryways, one at the front and one at the back of the house. Most of the time the patio door is detached from the house and is always attached to the side of the house, on the rear. Sometimes, however, the patio door is attached to the house but is always detached.

H) Backyard Benches. A good patio set will include comfortable furniture that is weatherproof and that is durable. Patio furniture should be able to withstand the elements such as wind, rain, extreme temperatures and should be made of material that is made of material that breathes. Patio benches are available in various styles and materials. One popular type of bench is made of plastic and has comfortable padded seating, but it can be easily moved around if you want to rearrange your garden.